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How far in advance must I make a vehicle reservation?

For trips within Brno, 20 minutes will do, depending upon traffic. For trips outside Brno, at least 1 hour in advance (20 minutes in an emergency).

How is the price calculated for trips outside Brno?

The price is based upon the entire route from Brno to the destination and back.

Which credit cards do you take?

We accept all types of credit cards.

How will I recognize you when I fly into the airport?

We will be waiting for you in the arrival hall with your company logo or your name.

What if my flight is delayed?

We monitor all flights on the internet and are also in contact with the airport information service.

What if I forget something in your vehicle?

We always check the vehicle immediately after transport takes place.

I have a child with me, is that okay?

Of course! We'll provide a child safety seat or booster seat. The driver will drive with the utmost care.

I need to arrange a visa at the embassy in Prague, but I can't go in person.

We'll pick up your passport and arrange all the formalities for you.

Did you make deliveries only within the Czech Republic or Brno?

We deliver throughout the EU but also within Brno (things like flowers, gifts, corporate materials, etc.).

We're holding a corporate event and need a minibus and transport out. Can you do that?

We have a multi-seat taxi vehicle available for this purpose. At your request, we'll make vehicles available for the entire event. To ensure transparency and your control over transport, the customer signs off on every ride and the confirmation form is attached to the subsequent invoice.

I don't want to have to worry about anything.

Then let us take care of everything!