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Travel guide

Organizing trips:

A lot of our customers had repeatedly asked us about trips,and so we have prepared for you and your customers tips for trips and transport services to explore culture,sights,the beauty of nature,or go on wine cellar visits and other excursions.

We will be happy to drive you also to the places of your interest.These individual trips are operated by limousines and minibuses (up for 8 persons) with a German and English speaking guide aboard if requested to travel in South Moravia,the Czech Republic and the European Union.

Below follows an inspiring list of interesting destinations with the distance from Brno stated in brackets.

Trips for sights near Brno:

Organizing trips:
  • Lednice-Valtice Area (55 km) – significant cultural landscape with the most extensive composed landscape in the world,a part of UNESCO Heritage
  • Conservation area of the Slavkov battlefield (25 km) – you can find a number of cultural sights related to the Battle of the Three Emperors there
  • Bučovice Castle (30 km) – a castle built in the Italian Renaissance style and formerly inhabited by the Liechtensteins
  • Pernštejn Castle (45 km) – one of the best preserved European Gothic-Renaissance fortresses
  • Porta Coeli Monastery in Předklášteří u Tišnova (26 km) – Early Gothic monastery
  • Dolní Kounice (26 km) – a complex of Jewish sights and ruins of the medieval monastery Rosa Coeli
  • Rájec nad Svitavou Chateau (35 km) – a residence with a French garden inspired by the architecture from the times of Louis XVI
  • Boskovice (45 km) – there is an Empire-style palace from the 19th century,a castle from the 13th century and a Jewish town exposition in Dolní Věstonice (45 km) – the 29,000-year-old
  • exposition in Dolní Věstonice (45 km) – the 29,000-year-old Venus of Dolní Věstonice was found there

Travel guide

  • Moravian Karst (35 km) – one of the most significant karst areas in Central Europe where also Punkva Caves and the Macocha Chasm can be found
  • Kraví Hora lookout tower near Bořetice (45 km) – 15-metre-tall wooden tower which offers unusual views of the Nové Mlýny reservoirs,the Pavlov hills,ridges of the Kyjov hilly area and Dolní Morava valley
  • Baťa Canal (85 km) – 52-kilometre-long historical water route built between 1935 and 1938

Wine tourism in Moravia comprises 17,000 ha of vineyards. The origins of local viniculture are connected with the Romans:

  • renowned viniculture near Mlýnské Nádrže
  • educational wine-growing Valtice trail (5-kilometre-long circular trail)
  • Czech wine salon in Valtice Chateau (60 km)

Other places of interest are located for example in:

  • Prague (220km)
  • Český Krumlov (240km)
  • Karlovy Vary (340km)
  • Bratislava (130km)
  • Wien (130km)
  • Budapest (330km)
  • Venice (740km)
  • Berlin (560km)
  • Dresden (350km)
  • Krakow (330 km) – one of the most important Polish tourist centres with significant sights and more than 6 thousand historical buildings

Designer Outlet Parndorf

  • You can also visit the renowned Designer Outlet Parndorf (170 km)

More detailed information can be found at our partner 's website www.ticbrno.cz (Tourist Information Centre).

You can contact us anytime to get information about possible dates.